GITRMM ep 20: Is Your Anxiety Pushing Men Away?

GITRMM ep 20: Is Your Anxiety Pushing Men Away?

Dating and relationships should be fun and playful, but why do we make it such an anxious and high stakes thing? This week, Lisa and Benjamin talk about ways that anxiety shows up in our life and how that trickles into how we treat both ourselves and the men we date. Benjamin gives the male perspective on what it feels like to date an anxious woman, and how you can reframe your mindset to embrace your authentic and playful self, because She’s in there! Take a deep breath, and get ready to learn!

What You’ll Hear In This Episode:

  • Why does dating trigger our deepest wounds and rejections? 
  • What is it like for a man to be on the receiving end of an anxious woman? 
  • How can you make your anxiety a GOOD thing so it pulls you and your man even closer together?
  • Can a man really feel our anxiety in the way we text? 
  • How to shift your focus from “do they like me” to “is this something I want?” 
  • Reframing your anxiety into excitement!
  • Why a mentor or coach can be so powerful in helping you observe your patterns and give you real time feedback. 

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  • “You don’t get to know a person when they are highly anxious, you just know their anxiety.” – Benjamin
  • “One has to be in their heart to be truly vulnerable.” – Lisa 
  • “What a man and woman wants is to be with someone to have fun with.” – Benjamin 
  • “Anxiety pulls people away from the present, where excitement brings someone forward.” – Benjamin