GITRMM ep 2 — How’s Your Dating Profile?

GITRMM ep 2 — How’s Your Dating Profile?

Love takes courage, faith… and a well-written profile! Does your dating profile ask for what you want in an inviting and heartfelt way or is it attracting the wrong kind of man? First impressions are everything. Ever wonder what a man feels seeing your profile for the first time? This week, Benjamin joins in as the master of all-things-dating-profiles. He shares samples of profiles he’s written for Lisa’s clients — breaking down the specific order of what to include and what not to include — and shares his very own dating profile that attracted The Guardian of HIS Soul, Lisa!

What You’ll Hear In This Episode:

  • Are you conveying the powerful and amazing woman you are in your profile, or does it fall short?
  • What are the biggest mistakes women tend to make on their dating profiles?
  • The idea of your dating profile is not only to attract people but to filter people out.
  • Instead of listing what you want as an order, the right profile creates an invitation and shows the man how beautiful your life would be together.
  • How do we as women demonstrate that we are busy, but still available for love?
  • The right phrases to use such as “easy on the eyes” and “classy” that really grab a man’s attention.
  • How to speak directly to the heart level of a man and get to what they desire at their core.
  • How to titillate ALL the senses with your description.
  • The best titles that will illustrate the type of man you want, and who should just keep scrolling.
  • Have some trusted men in your life read your profile and ask for honest feedback!

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  • “It’s about telling who you are, but also who you are not.” – Benjamin
  • “It takes courage, faith, and a well-written profile.” – Benjamin
  • “We all want to be with someone who leaves the situation better than they found it.” – Benjamin
  • “A woman will stand out not only for who she is, but how she is able to express how she isn’t.” – Benjamin