GITRMM ep 18: The Real Reasons Your Date is Getting Derailed (And How to Get Back On Track), Part 1

GITRMM ep 18: The Real Reasons Your Date is Getting Derailed (And How to Get Back On Track), Part 1

Lisa and Benjamin are back! Kicking off the New Year to delve into why your dates keep feeling like they’re jumping the track! They discuss all the giant and enormous turnoffs that derail our dates and keep men from calling us back or wanting more. Men come with their own language and set of needs, but with this information, you will have the keys to a whole new universe of how to understand and really give your man what he deeply desires. They discuss how to create a safe place of security where your man can expose his emotional life without having to question or analyze it, the words a man almost never wants to hear on a date, and how to show interest in a genuine and playful way. Part 1 of 2.

What You’ll Hear In This Episode:

  • You don’t need to put on heirs about being confident and having a perfect life. A woman can just naturally have a full and happy life, AND show the man there is room for him to fit too.
  • It’s about sharing the things together that you both love – not just the man coming along for the ride for all your interests. 
  • How can you ask a man about his life in a manner that makes him actually want to share and feel connected to you, rather than feeling like he’s on a talk show being grilled?
  • What are the WORST and BEST things a woman can say on a date to a man?
  • It’s not bad to show vulnerability. In fact, securely attached people need each other to get through life’s challenges. 

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  • “Trying to act overly secure is an act of insecurity.” – Lisa/Benjamin together! 
  • “A man wants to make a woman happy and he wants to be able to provide for her and protect her.”  – Benjamin 
  • “One of the most important things I think most women miss is not just wanting to share a life with me, but also I’m going to share his life.” – Lisa 
  •  “It is so important to open up your heart and make this other person feel safe and welcome.”. – Lisa