GITRMM ep 17: Finding True Love After Three Marriages: Randy Rogel

GITRMM ep 17: Finding True Love After Three Marriages: Randy Rogel

This week Lisa gets inside a very special male mind – writer, performer, producer, singer, Randy Rogel! As a three-time Emmy Award winner with an impressive resume including writing for Batman: The Animated Series, Animaniacs, and a host of musical performances, Randy has put his time and energy into creating a wonderful career and carving his own path through the world of entertainment. Life, though, hasn’t always been perfect. With three marriages and divorces behind him, Randy takes accountability for his side of the relationship, opens up about his fear of never finding love again, and how that all went out the window when he met longtime girlfriend Cynthia Ferrer!

What You’ll Hear In This Episode:

  • Randy talks about his three marriages and divorces, and what happened on his end with each of them. What did he learn? What can we learn from his experience? 
  • What was it like for Randy as a single dad, trying to provide the best opportunities and love for his son? 
  • Why did Randy feel like a failure after each divorce, and feel like he was “broken goods” after his third marriage ended? 
  • Randy gushes about his wonderful girlfriend Cynthia, talks about how they met and why their relationship feels different from the rest. 
  • Would Randy consider marriage again, if it was important for Cynthia? 
  • Lisa shares how she became intentional about understanding men. 
  • A lot of women want successful men with big careers, but then get upset when men spend a lot of their time and energy working on that career. How can we strike up a balance? 

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  • “I started doing some real deep introspection on myself. I was like, ‘who are you, and what is it that you really want out of life?’ ” – Randy 
  • “The only reason we’re together is that we want to be. There’s nothing that makes us have to be together.” – Randy 
  • “To love a man, you have to understand a man.” – Lisa 
  • “As adults, there comes a point where we have to stop blaming our parents for our lives, and for what happened. To let go of those stories and move on and create the life we want.” – Lisa 
  • “A lot of women want successful men who have fantastic careers. But, what they don’t realize is those men who are driven and have those fantastic careers are working their butt off.” – Lisa