GITRMM ep 16: Keys To A Miraculous Marriage!

GITRMM ep 16: Keys To A Miraculous Marriage!

Sure, it may sound mushy and gushy hearing Lisa and Benjamin share their love, passion, and gratitude for each other, but there’s something big for you to learn. This week, they discuss the secrets of their blissful marriage and the top missteps and mistakes they see when it comes to cracking the diamond of marriage. They share the “rules” they have when it comes to handling challenging emotions and navigating life’s twists and turns together, and talk about how they have kept their attraction and passion red hot over all these years. Looking for a marriage that builds you up and makes you feel safe and secure while keeping things fun and playful? Tune in to hear more.

What You’ll Hear In This Episode:

  • Lisa and Benjamin get real about mistakes they’ve made in prior relationships and what they learned so it wouldn’t become a part of their marriage. 
  • How do Lisa and Benjamin process their emotions and solve disagreements quickly? 
  • How to be less defensive and more compassionate to both yourself and your partner. 
  • The two things women cherish the most, and how we can take the feminine lead and invite your man to give them to you. 
  • How to embrace your feminine side and mirror your man’s masculine nature in a way he’s never felt before. 
  • Lisa and Benjamin talk about supporting each other in their careers and dreams, and how they ended up on the great adventure of picking up everything and moving to New Mexico. 

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  • “You don’t take things personally. And that has been a miracle.” – Benjamin 
  • “You never want to hurt me, make me wrong, or diminish me in any way.” – Lisa 
  • “It’s knowing about how to love yourself and another person.” – Benjamin
  • “I wouldn’t be the woman or coach I am today if you weren’t the Guardian of My Soul.”  – Lisa
  • “It’s about choice, and we made a choice that it will be easy.”  – Benjamin