GITRMM ep 14: The Secrets of Romantic Signaling

GITRMM ep 14: The Secrets of Romantic Signaling

We all want life to be like the movies, where a trip to the grocery store will lead us to find our true love while we browse for cantaloupe. While that does happen every so often, you may be finding yourself going out, dressing up, and then going home without any dates lined up, or even any attention sent your way at all. This week, Lisa and Benjamin talk about why you should ignore what you’ve heard before about letting the man approach you first, and how to send subtle yet powerful signals for him to approach you by using romantic signaling. They break down what romantic signaling is, and what we can learn from both Marilyn Monroe and Lisa’s magic cookie!

What You’ll Hear In This Episode:

  • The truth is, your girlfriends that are getting male attention are probably signaling to the man that they are open and available for them to be approached!
  • What is romantic signaling? When one person signals to another that he or she is interested. 
  • The more attracted to a woman, the more shy a man may become. All it can take is just the tiniest invitation to get him to feel the confidence to walk over and start a conversation with you. 
  • The men may say it’s different, but research says that 90% of the time, it’s the woman who sends the signal first.
  • Lisa shares examples of how she showed up lighter and more present in the world, and the men who certainly took notice! 

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  • “The female lead means letting a man know that you are interested and that you are approachable, and that if he would approach you, you would say yes.” – Lisa 
  • “The man may feel seen, because all of your senses are open, active, and alive. And as men, we don’t really feel seen at work or at home, or ever.” – Benjamin 
  • “It just takes someone to open the door, and that someone almost always needs to be a woman.” – Benjamin 
  • “You don’t have to be a supermodel. Just open up that door, send those signals, let men know you’re interested and that you’re available.” – Lisa
  • “Give them that wide opening to walk into, and you’ll be surprised at how many men will approach you out and about in the real world.” – Lisa