GITRMM ep 12: But Are You Having Fun? Embracing Playfulness.

GITRMM ep 12: But Are You Having Fun? Embracing Playfulness.

Whether it’s two kittens wrestling on the floor or a puppy throwing a ball at your feet, we love playful things and playful people! So why are you forgetting this on your dates and asking interview questions instead? This week, Lisa and Benjamin discuss how we can consciously create playfulness in our lives, and bring our radiant sunshine into every date. They improvise a playful date compared to a serious one, demonstrating for listeners how joy shines through when we are lighthearted. They also talk about the right things to tease a man about, and how being playful makes you more confident, present, and attractive.

What You’ll Hear In This Episode:

  • What is playfulness and why is it important to be playful in our romantic relationships? 
  • Playfulness can start by having a profile that represents you but also feels lighthearted and fun. 
  • How does playfulness help us get to know the other person better and build trust and safety? 
  • If we are playful, won’t we miss out on connecting over the more serious things? 
  • Is being playful also being flirty?

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  • “You have this natural ability to be playful.” – Lisa 
  • “You don’t have to be a comedian to be playful.” – Lisa
  • “By having a hard boundary, you are being hard to get.” – Lisa 
  • “Even driving to meet someone on a date, you can begin to smile. You can begin to think of happy things so by the time you are already sitting down at the table you are already feeling playful.” – Benjamin