GITRMM ep 11: Emotional Safety and Sexual Performance in This Era

GITRMM ep 11: Emotional Safety and Sexual Performance in This Era

Now more than ever there is confusion for all genders when navigating sexuality, intimacy, and desire! As women, we are stronger and more independent than we’ve ever been, yet we want to be cherished and develop a real connection with an honest and open partner. Can we truly have it all and will it be safe enough to find out?? This week, Lisa and Benjamin discuss the importance of establishing trust and safety before there is intimacy, how to keep the flame of intimacy high as you grow together, and why vulnerability and trust between partners can lead to super hot intimate moments!

What You’ll Hear In This Episode:

  • There is no definite answer on how to navigate the current dating climate, but having respect and creating safety for one another is paramount.
  • What makes men pull back on their desire for a woman?
  • How can you help your man feel more secure in his masculinity?
  • What are some ways we can have even better intimacy with our partner over time?
  • What are the three key elements of a lasting and thriving relationship?
  • In this post “Me Too Movement” era, how can men make their move and pursue women in a respectful and safe manner?
  • It’s important to make time for intimacy.
  • How can you and your man transform shame and vulnerability into intimacy?

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  • “Men have become so sensitized that we hold back and reserve, and it’s not even about crossing a line, there is no line. If there were a line, we could figure it out.” – Benjamin
  • “The most important thing for a man to feel sexual is to feel respected.” – Lisa
  • “Shame can turn into vulnerability, and vulnerability can transform into intimacy. Not only for individuals but for relationships.” – Benjamin