GITRMM ep 10: Playfulness in Self. Playfulness in Partnership

GITRMM ep 10: Playfulness in Self. Playfulness in Partnership

Does dating feel heavy and hard? Are you taking things too seriously and forgetting to laugh with yourself or with your partner? What can you do when the other person isn’t playing along?This week, Lisa and Benjamin talk about the importance of playfulness. What it looks like in your approach to life and dating, and why it matters to attract the Guardian of Your Soul and flourish in a light, yet meaningful love affair! They discuss how to keep things clean and clear so there is room for playfulness in the shared container of your relationship.

What You’ll Hear In This Episode:

  • Playfulness equals sexiness and confidence!
  • With a single choice, you can set the tone.
  • Why did Lisa decide to explore playfulness, and how did it change the course of her entire life?
  • What does playfulness look like on a date or in a relationship?
  • If we are playful, won’t that mean our relationship is just trivial and too silly?
  • Your playful nature can start even before you meet, with a fun and exciting online profile.
  • If you’re playful, it will set you apart! Most men equate relationships with work and heaviness.
  • Being playful means being present at the moment, not taking things personally, and not making assumptions about people’s actions or behavior.

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  • “Playfulness and ease go together.” – Lisa
  • “We create safety with play and with critical feedback. You can keep your relationship clean and clear so you can play without unresolved issues.” – Lisa
  • “I don’t want to make you my therapist or my girlfriend. That’s not sexy!” – Lisa
  • “We don’t have to browbeat to make a point, we just have to say something lightly.” – Benjamin
  • “It’s not up to you what you learn, but only whether you learn through joy or pain.” – Marianne Williamson