GITRMM ep 1: Calling In The Guardian of Your Soul — Are you Really Ready?

GITRMM ep 1: Calling In The Guardian of Your Soul — Are you Really Ready?

Introducing our new Tuesday series, Getting Inside the RIGHT Male Mind. Lisa’s husband, Benjamin Shield PhD joins her for these very special episodes. They discuss the tough questions like- What is a guardian of the soul, and how do I find mine? That is a question Lisa gets quite often, and lucky enough for us, her husband Benjamin is the one who coined that phrase in his book Handbook for the Heart. This week, these two lovers talk about what it really means to guard someone’s soul and to give without the expectation to receive. They share how a guardian of the soul may literally save your life, with examples from their own relationship of over 19 years. Are you really ready to find the guardian of YOUR soul and flourish together? Tune in and find out!

What You’ll Hear In This Episode:

  • What a guardian of our soul is, and what it’s not.
  • Lisa shares the mind-blowing story of how she read Benjamin’s work just a month before their first date.
  • The difference between a guardian of our soul and a soulmate.
  • It’s about making someone else’s life bigger, not smaller and providing safety, support and love to let their soul flourish.
  • Does a guardian of a soul relationship mean they always stay together?
  • Take time to explore your own desire first, and to get clear on what it really means to you to have someone come in as a guardian to your soul.
  • As you mold yourself into the best version of yourself, it’s very healing and supportive to have a community around you.
  • Lisa and Benjamin share the work they both did on their own emotional intelligence as individuals to come together with a steady foundation.
  • Having a guardian of the soul is a choice. You don’t have to be in a relationship just because everyone else is if it’s not your vision.

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  • “Being on this planet every moment knowing I’m being supported, loved, guided. It’s like having a protective blanket.” – Benjamin
  • “One person can change two people.” – Benjamin
  • “Without the work that we had done prior to meeting, we wouldn’t have had the good foundation to build on.” – Benjamin
  • [1]“By being the guardian of my soul, you saw my soul’s purpose.” – Lisa
  • “We see each other’s limitations without fixing or changing it.”  – Lisa
  • “Soulmate is a Noun, Guardian is a Verb.” – Benjamin