GITRMM: Embracing the Sensual: Femininity and the Power of Sensual Expression

GITRMM: Embracing the Sensual: Femininity and the Power of Sensual Expression

Welcome back to “Finding the Guardian of Your Soul ®,” the podcast that delves deep into the realms of love, relationships, and personal growth. In today’s episode titled “GITRMM: Embracing the Sensual: Femininity and the Power of Sensual Expression,” your hosts, Benjamin Shield and Lisa Shield, invite you to explore the transformative power of embracing your senses and the profound impact it can have on your romantic journey.

Benjamin, a seasoned body worker with over 40 years of experience, takes us on a captivating journey as they share their personal discovery of the sensual realm. Drawn to body work after experiencing its remarkable effects firsthand, they bring an authentic perspective that will leave you intrigued and inspired.

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What You’ll Hear In This Episode:

  • The concept of being “insulated” from one’s body and its impact on connecting with others
  • Embracing the senses and the enjoyment of being alive
  • The importance of being present in one’s senses
  • Femininity and the power of sensual expression
  • The importance of women exploring the world with all five senses
  • Finding a partner who lives life fully in their senses
  • Daily routine involving touch and physical contact
  • A client story highlighting non-sexual emotional intimacy
  • Women embracing their bodies and finding their natural frequency
  • Creating memorable dates through connection and playfulness
  • The concept of bell jarring and its impact on memory
  • Challenging societal pressures on women’s physical appearance, & what truly attracts a good partner
  • Sensuality and connection as core elements of romance

Key quotes:

  • “A sensual woman experiences the world with her senses, but she also has a certain confidence of being who she is. She is in her natural frequency and not trying to be someone else.” — Benjamin Shield
  • “We see how our clients come alive, and it’s the grace, it’s their inner beauty that emerges as they become more sensual, more comfortable in their bodies.” — Lisa Shield
  • “When a woman is in her senses and she’s savoring her food, she’s enjoying the sense of nature or the food she’s eating… It both mesmerizes and magnetizes a man, because women offer something that men don’t have.” — Benjamin Shield
  • “True love is absolute emotional nakedness. It’s not hiding anything from each other or feeling that there’s anything to hide. That’s just so beautiful. I don’t know how many people actually get to this level of emotional nakedness. I think it’s what everybody wants. But you have to first find the right partner to do this with.” — Lisa Shield
  • “There’s a difference between deep sensuality and overt sexuality. They’re very different. When a woman is in her sensuality, a man sees her as being whole and complete.” — Benjamin Shield

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