GITRMM: Don’t Count Out a 60-Year-Old Bachelor Just Yet!

GITRMM: Don’t Count Out a 60-Year-Old Bachelor Just Yet!

Lisa welcomes William Morales, a 60-year-old bachelor, and host of the People On Dating Podcast. William explains how some women would label him as being avoidant or emotionally unavailable because he has never been married. He shares that, in his younger years, he was shy and didn’t feel comfortable with women. With the help of therapy, books, and other esources, William began to understand women and what they want. William shares his experiences with navigating dating multiple partners from a standpoint of honesty and open communication, how feeling respected is so important to a man, and how women can approach a relationship to create space for a man to be his full self. William and Lisa talk about how expanding your age range may open up new possibilities to finding the Guardian of Your Soul, and he gets excited about an upcoming life event – roller skating in Spain!

What You’ll Hear In This Episode:

  • The art of William’s transformation from anxious to secure attachment. 
  • How William has learned to set boundaries for what he needs in relationships. 
  • What dating was like for William as a shy guy in his 20s and beyond. 
  • How is William dating two women at once. Do they know about each other? 
  • With so much toxic masculinity out there, how did William learn to date with communication and honesty at the forefront instead of playing games? 
  • The relationship that got William into therapy. 
  • How William forces himself to go out there to mingle, even if he’s not feeling it. 
  • Why the financial piece of a breakup hurt William so badly, and why respect is of utmost importance to a man. 
  • How William stays honest with the women he dates that he is seeing others. 
  • How William navigates children and having kids with people that he is dating. 

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