GITRMM: Do Men Really LOVE to Chase Women?

GITRMM: Do Men Really LOVE to Chase Women?

Welcome to another episode of Finding the Guardian of Your Soul® with your host, Lisa Shield. Today, we are diving into a hot topic: “Do Men Really LOVE to Chase Women?” Lisa, a relationship coach who specializes in teaching clients how to take the “feminine lead” in dating, is here to debunk some dating myths and provide valuable insights. In this episode, we’ll learn about the dangers of game playing, the importance of genuine connection, and the exploration of mutual interest. Join Lisa as she empowers women to embrace their authenticity, communicate effectively, and ultimately find their soulmates. Get ready to challenge common misconceptions and gain a deeper understanding of relationships on Finding the Guardian of Your Soul®. Let’s dive in!

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What You’ll Hear In This Episode:

– Exploring the idea that men enjoy the chase in relationships

– Examination of why nice men may not pursue women they perceive as difficult or complicated

– Addressing the misconception that men are mind-readers and the importance of clear communication

– Recognizing that men, like women, have different personalities and preferences

– Discussion of a woman’s miscommunication with a man and his slower approach

– Acknowledging that some men may be introverted or uncertain about signals

– Recognizing the cryptic and tentative signals often sent by women

– Highlighting the need for effective communication and understanding between men and women

– Critique of the concept of men chasing women and its promotion of game playing and manipulation

– Cautionary note about men using deceptive tactics and the need for personal reflection

– Importance of taking responsibility for one’s actions in attracting and understanding men

– Emphasis on the gradual development of relationships and the importance of authenticity


Key quotes:

“One reason why this whole idea that men should chase women is wrong is because just the very sound of it promotes game playing. The idea that a man should chase a woman can encourage manipulative behavior like playing hard to get.” — Lisa Shield

“Great guys who are building fabulous careers and have money want women who are easy to get along with, women who are transparent, women who are upfront, who know how to talk to a man.” — Lisa Shield 

“And all of our clients who have found the Guardians of Their Souls will say, ‘This is not the kind of guy I thought I would be with. It started off very slow and it just kept progressing and getting better and better and better as we got to know each other.’” — Lisa Shield

“You may think you’re being very clear about how you feel, you may think you’re being obvious. But some women, most women, can be extremely cryptic in the way that they send signals to men.” — Lisa Shield

“The idea that men like to chase women sets up a cat and mouse game, and that is not a good basis for the beginning of a relationship or a good way to gain male attention and interest.” — Lisa Shield

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