GITRMM: 10 Questions to Ask to Gauge a Man’s Emotional Availability

GITRMM: 10 Questions to Ask to Gauge a Man’s Emotional Availability

Join Lisa and Benjamin in this powerful episode as they provide a jumping-off point with a curated list of 10 questions designed to gauge a man’s emotional availability and the compatibility of his core values and goals with yours. They emphasize the importance of steering clear from a rigid checklist approach and instead infusing your personal touch, making the questions more conversational and engaging. Discover why it’s crucial to give men the time they need to reflect on deeper inquiries and learn how to discern the authenticity of their answers to determine if they are truly processing or deflecting, as well as understanding their perspectives on past relationships. In a fascinating insight, Benjamin shares why delving into a film that deeply affected a man can offer unique glimpses into his emotional world. Take advantage of this enlightening discussion on emotional availability and connection with Lisa and Benjamin. Tune in now!

What You’ll Hear In This Episode:

  • Avoid a checklist-like approach when observing a man’s emotional availability. 
  • Consider these questions as a loose guideline, rather than a mission to interview or interrogate the man. 
  • Men sometimes need a little longer to think and process, so allow time for reflection when asking deeper questions.
  • You can also tell by the quality of the answer if he’s processing or deflecting. 
  • When you share something vulnerable on your end, does he show empathy, and is he listening, or does he seem to brush off your emotions? 
  • Consider using “think” instead of “feel” when discussing emotions with men.
  • Inquire what he learned from past relationships, but respect if he doesn’t want to go into full detail.  
  • Shared core values and principles are important for a successful relationship. 
  • If money wasn’t a factor, what would be his dream job? Explore what he says; it can tell a lot about his values, goals, and dreams. 
  • Benjamin shares why a guy would most likely love to be asked about a film that deeply affected him. 

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  •  “It’s better to ask a man what he thinks about something rather than how he feels about it.” – Lisa
  • “Especially when you’re asking a man deeper questions, you have to pause and give a man an opportunity to think.” – Lisa  
  • “We wouldn’t have had the marriage we have had for these 20+ years if we hadn’t had these difficult relationships. We learned from them, and we grew from them.” – Benjamin 
  • “For two people to have a successful relationship, they need to share their core values and core principles.” – Benjamin