Get Intimate…With Yourself? Tantra and Pleasure with Dawn Cartwright

Get Intimate…With Yourself? Tantra and Pleasure with Dawn Cartwright

Lisa welcomes to the show this week, one of her favorite guides, world renowned Tantra teacher, Dawn Cartwright. Dawn talks about how she first started working with Benjamin and the change she saw in his life when Lisa entered, and how their relationship can be a model for inviting sensuality, fun, and play into your dynamic. She and Lisa talk about how to explore yourself sexually and sensually, and why self pleasure shouldn’t end just because you are in a relationship. Dim the lights and get out some chocolate dipped strawberries, this is a good one!

What You’ll Hear In This Episode:

  • Embracing our sexuality and sensuality at any age is beautiful and powerful. 
  • Who is Dawn Cartwright, and why does Lisa love her so much? 
  • Dawn talks about Tantra, and how it can be a way to explore our own sensuality with ourselves and our partner(s). 
  • What does it really look and feel like for a woman to be in her body?
  • Lisa shares how she starts to notice when she’s living too much in her head and disconnected from the rest of her body. 
  • Men and women want the same thing…and it’s not just sex. 
  • Dawn shares her thoughts on how long we should wait before sleeping with a man from a Tantric perspective. 
  • Okay, how do you learn to pleasure yourself? 
  • A facial, but for your yoni? Yes. It’s a beautiful thing, and Dawn does it. 
  • How can learning about your own body and showing up in a state to receive pleasure translate to meeting a great man and possibly the Guardian of Your Soul? 

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  • “We can always open our hearts more, reveal ourselves more. And sex is such a powerful place to do that.” – Dawn 
  • “Actually men and women, we want the same thing, and that thing is union. We all want it.” – Dawn 
  • “I don’t think people realize that depth in the richness and the potential when you have that level, that safety and trust, when you build that right from the beginning, and you don’t rush in.” – Lisa
  • “Learning my body and learning to open to myself made it possible for me to open to a man who wants to commit.” – Dawn 
  • “Men are human beings and sex is emotional for them too. But it just happens in a different way.”  – Dawn