From No Second Dates to Finding The Guardian of Her Soul- Tara & Roy!

From No Second Dates to Finding The Guardian of Her Soul- Tara & Roy!

Lisa welcomes special guests Tara and Roy, a couple who demonstrate what it really looks like to be the Guardian of each other’s Souls! Tara talks about how she first found Lisa, why she decided to work with her, and why she thinks it was the best investment she’s ever made. She and Roy share their unique and adorable love story, where it was attraction-at-first-swipe on OkCupid and then off to the races from there. Tara overcame some hesitation and shyness, as Roy showed her that he wanted to treat her with respect, kindness, and give her everything she’s wanted in life. Tara and Roy are living proof that you can always find love, if you are taking the right steps.

What You’ll Hear In This Episode:

  • Tara describes her breakthrough call with Lisa and what made her ultimately commit to the course.
  • Tara had never had a serious relationship before and was wondering if she would be alone forever. The pandemic gave her a break to pause and ponder why she was choosing to stay single.
  • What did Roy first think of Tara’s profile (written by Benjamin!), and how did it draw him in? 
  • Tara and Roy talk about their relationship dynamic and how they communicate with one another. 
  • What are some of the old dating patterns Tara worked through while on her journey with Roy?

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  • “She really is like my best friend and my companion. I’m never too busy because she’s my priority.” – Roy
  • “Don’t keep secrets. Just be honest with each other.” – Tara 
  • “People need each other and we’re designed to be with people. It’s real, and you can find it too.” – Tara 
  • “A real man wants a real woman who knows how to make him feel like a man.” – Lisa 
  • This is a two-way street. A man needs to get his needs met just as much as we need to get our needs met, they may be different, but you have to know how to give him the things that he really needs.” – Lisa 
  • “To me, she’s perfect.” – Roy 
  • “I’m going to make her happy. She’s on my side.” – Roy 
  • “It is the best investment I’ve ever made in my life.” – Tara