From Clients to Coaches: Cassie & Rebecca!

From Clients to Coaches: Cassie & Rebecca!

Lisa welcomes two of the most down-to-earth ladies you’ll meet, Rebecca and Cassie! They work on her team and help the ship run smoothly behind the scenes, and love the feeling they get helping women have breakthroughs. Rebecca talks about doing both the 12 week Emotionally Naked Dating training along with individual coaching, and Cassie has been working with the team for a year! They talk about the great fun they had throughout their coaching, what made them want to become a love coach, and how doing the work has completely changed their life! Rebecca also talks about finding the Guardian of her Soul, and Cassie shares how her mindset is different this time around as she is a hot prospect on the dating scene.

What You’ll Hear In This Episode:

  • How did Cassie and Rebecca find Lisa and how did they get to work with her? 
  • You’ll hear straight from the source – what is it really like to work with Lisa? 
  • How does individual coaching differ from group coaching? 
  • How has working with Lisa changed Cassie and Rebecca’s outlook on love, dating, and their own self-confidence? 
  • Cassie and Rebecca talk about the shift they’ve both had to take the feminine lead and do their own work to show up as the highest version of themselves. 
  • Cassie has a whole different mindset on dating than she had in the past, and revels in how much calmer she feels. 
  • These two friendly women love talking with current and prospective clients all day long! It really does feel like a family. 

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  • “I never thought I would meet someone and have such a loving, fulfilling, incredible relationship.” – Rebecca 
  • “It’s not about finding flaws, but just knowing what exactly are the qualities in the men that will work for me.” – Cassie 
  • “It’s so much fun. I feel like I’m chatting with girlfriends about dating. I’m helping them!” – Cassie 
  • “I think it’s good for them to see that someone was in their similar position and that there’s a way through it. They don’t have to stay stuck in that thought process or position in life.” – Rebecca