Finding Love After Divorce: Leanne Finds Her Wei (A client success story!)

Finding Love After Divorce: Leanne Finds Her Wei (A client success story!)

This week’s couple is an example of what happened when a wonderful, powerfully feminine, and sweet woman (Leanne) met and fell in love with a kind, thoughtful, strong man (Wei). They found each other at just the right time, held hands one time and haven’t let go since. Leanne shares what made her decide to become a client of Lisa and Benjamin’s, and how she had to find the strength to get emotionally naked with herself first. She and Wei both came from previous marriages and consciously worked on what they wanted from their next partner, along with giving themselves the space and time to heal and grow. It’s a beautiful episode and Wei and Leanne serve as beautiful inspiration to love and partnership.

What You’ll Hear In This Episode:

  • Wei talks about his journey coming out of a marriage and seeking therapy to get clarity and support on his parenting. This led him to feel ready to get out there and take the next step. 
  • The best relationships don’t always start out as huge fireworks. They build from a foundation of friendship over time. 
  • Leanne talks about how Wei makes her feel heard and taken care of. He is so thoughtful and truly looks out for her in a protective yet gentle way. 
  • What was it like for Leanne and Wei to come from a Chinese culture when it came to looking for love and embracing their role in a relationship? 
  • Leanne talks about how the financial and time investment of working with Lisa was SO worth it, and she wishes she did it when she was younger. 
  • Having a difficult conversation with Wei in a loving and kind way was a milestone to Leanne. 
  • Even if you haven’t found your “Wei” yet, you can learn from how Leanne dove in to do the RIGHT work on herself. 

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  • “I did my reflection and came out of it, and was ready to move forward to the next chapter.” – Wei 
  • “Emotionally Naked is the key. It’s the foundation to bring two souls together.” – Leanne
  • “He gave the space for me to voice myself, any way I can.” – Leanne 
  • “Having a relationship with a guy, we want to make him feel like his world is getting bigger, not smaller.” – Leanne 
  • “I had to address myself before I moved on to the next stage. Make yourself ready before you start something new.” – Wei