Double Standards in Dating (With Rebecca)!

Double Standards in Dating (With Rebecca)!

This week, Lisa welcomes head coach Rebecca to discuss a topic they often see come up for the women they work with – double standards in the dating world. They explore how it can be challenging for both men and women to truly understand each other. However, by examining the struggles men face in dating, you can have more compassion and open yourself up to stronger connections with your dates. Throughout the episode, they discuss double standards in breakups, appearance, expectations, and the issue of who pays for what. They also touch on the different reactions men and women have to setting boundaries and the confusion men feel about making the first move. Lisa and Rebecca share their personal and professional examples to highlight some of these double standards. It’s a fun one, so tune in!

What You’ll Hear In This Episode:

  • Both men and women struggle to understand each other in the dating world, but integrating knowledge about male-female differences can hep you bring more compassion to your dates and make deeper emotional connections.
  • Double Standards in breakups, appearance, and expectations regarding who pays for what. 
  • Understanding why men are the way they are can be a game changer.
  • The different reactions to setting boundaries. What can empower women can often come across as controlling for men.
  • Men often feel confused and tentative now about making the first move.  
  • The double standards that both Lisa and Rebecca have seen in their professional and personal experiences. 
  • A listener question: is sharing the same interests in your relationship essential?
  • The book Why Men Are The Way They Are was a game changer for Lisa. 

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  • “I think it becomes a beautiful dance when you’re able to start meeting each other in the places and showing interest about who that person genuinely is.” – Rebecca
  • “It’s hard for both sexes. It’s really tough for both men and women to understand one another.n We all feel misunderstood by the opposite sex.” – Lisa 
  • “(The course) changed the way I showed up on dates. It also really was a place where I was able to soften. And in that softening, and really being open to understanding what it was like for men, it created a lot of connection.” – Rebecca
  • “When we see men having it easy and we make ourselves into victims, it’s tough to open our hearts and be vulnerable to get emotionally naked and connect with men.” – Lisa
  • “Once you get past all of the stories we tell and all of the mythology that surrounds this, men are truly fascinating creatures.” – Lisa