GITRMM: The Difference Between Being Picky and Discerning

GITRMM: The Difference Between Being Picky and Discerning

Many women need to realize that, when it comes to looking for a partner, what they think they are looking for might show up differently than what they expect. Let’s say you are looking for a spiritual man. If you have a fixed idea about what it looks like to be a spiritual person, if you think that means a man needs to meditate and go to self-help workshops, you might miss out on some incredible men who are deeply spiritual but express it in other ways. This week, Lisa talks about how having a “must have” list that is too specific can cause you to overlook some wonderful men and how her program can help you expand your idea of what to look for to attract the Guardian of Your Soul.

What You’ll Hear In This Episode:

  •  How the “Must Have” list when it comes to dating often isn’t what we end up with – and that’s a good thing!
  • Lisa shares her example of things she had on her list, such as spirituality and business savvy, and how Benjamin possesses those things in a way she couldn’t have imagined.
  • Why does having a rigid “must have” list lock you out of potentially great opportunities in the dating world?
  • Working with Lisa and Benjamin can help you create the right list to find the Guardian of Your Soul.
  • What are the Final Five?
  • If you have a list that’s too detailed and exclusionary, you’ll cut out some very great men.

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