Do You Lose YourSELF in Relationships?

Do You Lose YourSELF in Relationships?

A great relationship will not make you lose who you are, but instead highlight and support you as the person you want to become. This week, Lisa and Benjamin dive into why it’s so common for women to lose their identity while dating and in a relationship, and how our hormones and anxiety can lead us to jump in too fast. Benjamin shares a male perspective on what a guy really thinks when the intimacy happens before getting to really know a woman, and he and Lisa talk about how to notice codependent tendencies and process through them. Working with a coach is so helpful because it allows you to take your time and learn to keep your identity, to ultimately find the true Guardian of Your Soul.

What You’ll Hear In This Episode:

  • How do we maintain our autonomy in a relationship? 
  • What does it look like to lose yourself and your identity in a relationship, and how do hormones and anxiety play a role? 
  • Lisa and Benjamin describe a few typical scenarios that occur when the intimate bond starts prematurely. 
  • Once we become sexually or chemically bonded, we can start to lose ourselves. 
  • In a relationship where you guard each other’s souls, you are able to surrender completely. 
  • A good coach can help you identify what you have to offer that a man can’t get anywhere else. Working with Lisa and Benjamin, their clients learn to mirror a man’s masculinity back to him, which in turn makes her irresistible. 
  • Why are people afraid to ask for the space they need? 

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  • “A man is attracted to a woman because a woman is his teacher.” – Benjamin
  • “A woman can offer a man things that a man can’t get from anywhere.” – Benjamin
  • “If a woman is in her femininity then a man can be in his masculinity.” – Benjamin 
  • “You want to start to allow your reactivity to come up, and then you want to start doing some self-processing work.” – Lisa 
  • “Confidence is sexy, and it is super attractive to be in control not of the other person, but of your own reactivity and emotions.” – Lisa