Dating with Differences in Incomes

Dating with Differences in Incomes

Navigating situations where income disparities exist can be challenging, and finding the right balance is crucial. Lisa shares valuable strategies for fostering open and respectful conversations with men about this topic, emphasizing the importance of setting clear expectations from the start. Drawing from her expertise, she sheds light on the common mistakes women make when dating someone with a different income level and offers insights on cultivating harmony in relationships where money matters. Should you let him take the lead in paying, or should you cover all the expenses if you can afford it? Lisa explores these dilemmas and provides practical advice on finding the right balance that works for both partners.

What You’ll Hear In This Episode:

  •  Remember, there’s no right or wrong. There’s just what feels good to you. 
  • One big issue for men is the value they place on their independence and freedom. If a woman pays for everything and brags about her big, rich life, he may think he will be living her life. 
  • Setting a precedent early on that you are willing to pay for everything will set the tone for the relationship moving forward. 
  • Women feel more aligned and comfortable in their own skin when they come from that more feminine part of themselves. 
  • What about when a man offers to pay for everything for you? 
  • Lisa shares some recent breakthroughs that her clients have had around dating men with different incomes. 
  • Why tone is so important to a man, and how to improve yours so you communicate from a true place of connection and power. 

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  • “As women, we feel more aligned and comfortable in our skin when coming from that more feminine part of ourselves. It’s just who we are.” – 13:24 
  • “These men are so hungry for feminine women, not takers. You don’t need to pay for things. You need to be appreciative.” – 16:06 
  • “He doesn’t need your money, and he doesn’t need you to pay for things. He needs you to be a great playmate, fun, and up for adventure. And also, to be willing to sit on the sofa and do nothing if that’s what he feels like doing.” – 17:48 
  • “At the deepest level, my tone of voice shifted because I made this deep internal shift to being kinder and more compassionate and not needing to be right with men. I didn’t have to be defensive, make a point, or talk down to men.” – 28:05