Dating Emotionally Unavailable Men

Dating Emotionally Unavailable Men

It’s easy to label men as emotionally unavailable. Too easy. But what does this really mean, and why are so many men completely unavailable to one woman, but show up ready and open to the next? This week, Lisa discusses why we need to stop labeling every man as emotionally unavailable because it actually gives our power away. Lisa shares how empowered women can look for ways to help create a safe space for him to truly be himself. She explores what true honesty looks like in a relationship, and some ways that you can help your man open up and get emotionally naked with you.

What You’ll Hear In This Episode:

  • Part of being an empowered and powerful woman is looking for what we can do to create a space for men to feel safe. 
  • Lisa explains how the labels we put on men as constantly being emotionally unavailable actually give our power away.
  • We have a tremendous capacity and a gift for being able to draw out the best in men. 
  • How do we create that safe space for a man? 
  • If you tell him to be honest, you must be ready for what his true honest answers are. Yelling at him after will make him feel that he actually can’t tell you the truth! 
  • Male vulnerability and female vulnerability look and sound very different. From a young age, men can be bullied and made fun of for expressing their emotions. 
  • Lisa talks about how she realized that being in a relationship meant she had to make room for the man, and things couldn’t always be exactly how she wanted them. 

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  • “When women are being vulnerable, it sounds very different than when a man is being vulnerable.” 
  • “Whenever we blame men or we label them as being emotionally unavailable, or whatever labels we put on them, we give our power away.” 
  • “We as women have a tremendous capacity and gift of being able to draw out the best in men.” 
  • “We have the ability to open up a space for men, where they can actually feel safe coming to us and sharing their innermost thoughts and dreams with us.” 
  • “Being an adult for me in a relationship meant that I had to learn how to make room for the man, and that it couldn’t always be my way.”