Coaching Success Story: Stella

Coaching Success Story: Stella

This week, Lisa welcomes her beautiful client, Stella, to talk about her experience in both the 12-week Emotionally Naked Dating course and the SSW, Sisterhood of Self-Actualized Women, groups. Stella shares about finding Lisa after her divorce when she was losing hope that finding love and even just dating with confidence could ever be a reality. Stella says why she decided to invest in working with Lisa, and how it has been a game-changer at every level. Most importantly, Stella credits Lisa’s courses with increasing confidence, improving her mindset, and living her life with more ease. Stella is now connecting with men on a deeper level than ever before, and she is learning to let go of the outcome and enjoy the ride.

What You’ll Hear In This Episode:

  • The world of difference between how Stella felt before joining Lisa’s coaching program vs. how she is now. 
  • Ways Stella is becoming more curious in her dating life, and how that helps her connect with men on an even deeper level. 
  • For many of Lisa’s clients, who they end up with is even better than they could have imagined. 
  • How the Final Five exercise affected Stella on a profound level. 
  • Stella talks about letting go of desperate and anxious energy and letting things go that aren’t right for her. 
  • Stella is no longer “bending the universe’s hand,” but surrendering and focusing on her personal growth. 

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  • “It’s about emotional growth and emotional development for me, and for a lot of the women I’ve seen.” – Stella
  • “Throughout this process, you discover more of who you are, and what’s aligned with you and what isn’t.” – Stella 
  • “There’s no desperation at this point. There’s no specific timeline. There is a lot more curiosity and just a willingness to meet people.” – Stella 
  • “Now, if something doesn’t work out, I just let it go, knowing there’s something better waiting for me on the other side.” – Stella 
  • “We don’t really know what we need, so we make up ideas about what we think will be good for us.” – Stella