Coaching Success Story: Patricia

Coaching Success Story: Patricia

In this episode, Lisa celebrates the success story of her client, Patricia, and her wonderful husband, Lindon. Patricia shares her emotional journey before joining Lisa’s 12-week Emotionally Naked Dating program and the Sisterhood of Self-Actualized Women. She explains how she knew Lisa was the right coach for her and how, after leaving a 30+-year marriage, Lisa’s course saved her years of dating the wrong guy, allowing her to be bold and brave and open her heart without judgment.

Patricia talks about her breakthroughs during the program and how it helped her to realize that she deserved the best and that someone incredible was waiting for her. She shares how she met Lindon when they were both scheduled to speak at a local church and how the Final Five roadmap helped her identify men who were willing to do the work and say goodbye to those who weren’t right. Despite their 10-year age difference, Lisa’s course helped Patricia clarify what to look for in a partner, and she quickly knew that Lindon was the right person. Patricia talks about how the course allowed her to see that love is not just about age but from the inside, radiating out. Lindon expresses his gratitude towards Patricia and Lisa for shaping his inner world, and they both explain how they are now the Guardians of Each Other’s Souls.

What You’ll Hear In This Episode:

  • Lisa used the one phrase that caught Patricia’s attention like nothing else. 
  • Patricia had done a ton of inner work, but she was feeling frustrated that despite how hard she worked on herself, none of that “work” translated to luck in dating, a familiar feeling for many successful and intelligent women Lisa coaches. 
  • Patricia gives insight into the significant breakthrough she had where she fully understood that she could get exactly what her heart desired. 
  • What made Patricia fall in love with Lindon, and did it matter that he was 10 years younger and had different cultural backgrounds? 
  • What is newlywed life like for Patricia and Lindon? 
  • Lindon first felt Patricia was out of his league but was willing to constantly elevate himself and put in the work.

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  • “When I watch our clients fall in love, they actually look younger and happier. It’s a remarkable thing to witness.” – Lisa
  • “The course allowed me to be bold and brave and to open up my heart and not judge.” – Patricia 
  • “Meeting Patricia brought about a transformation in my life. I must say thanks to you and her for shaping my inner world.” – Lindon 
  • “The course helped me to see that you might not have everything you want right now, but be willing to invest. Be willing to investigate and be willing to say, let me give this a chance.” – Patricia 
  • “I don’t think we have enough time for me to share all the breakthroughs I received in the course.” – Patricia
  • “Love to me doesn’t mean age. It’s just a number. Right? Love is from the inside really radiating on the outside.” – Lindon