Client Success Story: Meranda

Client Success Story: Meranda

After receiving Meranda’s beautiful and heartfelt note, Lisa was inspired to invite her to share her remarkable success story. Meranda’s journey began when she completed the Emotionally Naked Dating program in 2021 and continued her coaching, bravely peeling back the layers holding her back. At 63, she yearned for a true partnership and wanted her son to witness her happiness with a loving companion. During her conversation with Lisa, Meranda candidly discusses her disappointing experiences with other dating sites and highlights the pivotal moment during her discovery call with Lisa that motivated her to take the leap. She emphasizes the transformative power of capturing the right photos and crafting compelling bios that genuinely reflect who you are and your desired relationship. Meranda joyfully shares her enchanting story of meeting Eric, their unforgettable first date, and the organic progression that eventually led them to choose to live together. Her inspiring journey is a testament to the rewards of patience, overcoming hesitations, and making a worthy investment in oneself.

What You’ll Hear In This Episode:

  •  At 63, Meranda reminds us that age should never hinder a rewarding relationship.
  • If a busy woman like Meranda can attend the discovery call on her birthday. You can find time too! 
  • Meranda’s advice for making the most significant investment in yourself and finally committing yourself without wavering back and forth. 
  • What changed in dating once she began to work with Lisa? 
  • How Meranda met her current partner, Eric, and the natural progression of them dating exclusively and now cohabitating. 
  • Meranda took things slow and didn’t rush with Eric, making their connection more natural. 
  • Eric is a patient and steadfast man, as evidenced by his caring for and supporting her when she recently dealt with a severe illness. 
  • Meranda’s advice for women pushing off their love life. 
  • The staggering statistics of loneliness and isolation. 
  • Why should someone invest money just for dating? 

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  •  “I like to take chances. I’m a businesswoman. You gotta take the risk.” – Meranda
  • “If things don’t go well, you have to stir the wave and keep it moving.” – Meranda 
  • “I know my mistakes, and I know what to give.” – Meranda
  • “It’s never too old to start a relationship, as long as it’s a rewarding relationship.” – Meranda 
  • “There’s a lot of benefit to it, and my money is well spent.” – Meranda