Burned Out and Exhausted with Dating? Don’t Give Up Just Yet

Burned Out and Exhausted with Dating? Don’t Give Up Just Yet

You’re showing up, going on all the dating apps, and putting yourself out there time after time. It feels exhausting! Should you give up altogether? What should you do? This is a common feeling for those in the dating world, but it doesn’t have to be this hard! This week, Lisa talks about why you are most likely feeling exhausted, how to become your own positive spin doctor, and how to re-shift and refocus to find the guardian of your soul.

What You’ll Hear In This Episode: 

  • Yes, Lisa went on 96 first dates in the two years before she met Benjamin. She didn’t give up, but at times did feel exhausted and disappointed.
  • There’s no such thing as a straight line when moving towards your goal. For every step forward, there can be a step back and it’s important to know that is just part of the process.
  • How to tune into the voice of love and become a positive spin doctor.
  • It’s okay to shift your focus and take a break when you are feeling down and exhausted when dating.
  • A good coach can make a world of a difference and help you from getting burnt out! In Lisa’s course, just one month in and her clients are working on developing a deep self-love and replacing negative patterns with healthier ones that move them towards love.
  • Resourceful people pivot and don’t let external circumstances stop them.
  • Why we should seek unconditional love in ourselves and our partners rather than just someone to fill a void.
  • What does Lisa mean by the concept of the “guardian of your soul?”

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Dale Carnegie

The Power of Now




  • “The voice of love knows the way to love.”
  • “Our thoughts create our reality.”
  • “Finding love takes courage and commitment.”