Be Your Own Positive Spin Doctor and Say No To The Negativity!

Be Your Own Positive Spin Doctor and Say No To The Negativity!

Is your inner voice a harsh critic or your best friend? Are you aware of all the negative beliefs and stories you carry around about yourself and the men you bring into your life or is that same old tape looping out of control? This week, Lisa talks about becoming your own positive spin doctor and how we can have more compassion for ourselves and for men. She shares why learning how to spot and stop negative self-talk is one of the most important parts of your dating journey, and how filling up your life with yumminess will help you attract an inner power and The Guardian of Your Soul!

What You’ll Hear In This Episode:

  • What does negative inner dialogue sound like, and why do we talk this way to ourselves?
  • How do we become our own best friend and positive spin doctor?
  • Nothing positive comes from a negative state of mind.
  • What are some quick strategies to go from feeling down in the dumps to badass, strong, and powerful?
  • It’s not just okay to unplug and turn off the news every now and then, but it’s necessary!
  • Why do we push the good men away and get butterflies for the ones not right for us?
  • A community question: can a man really change?

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  • “Nothing positive will come from a negative mindset.” – Lisa
  • “You have to get used to having men treat you well.” – Lisa