Be the Hero of Your Own Story: How Lisa Became a Love Coach

Be the Hero of Your Own Story: How Lisa Became a Love Coach

Lisa starts the show with a sweet update on her and Benjamin’s recent surgeries and how they had a great recovery-cation in Malibu while healing together. Then, she takes it way back to her beginnings to talk about how, and more importantly WHY, she became a love coach. Lisa opens up about how her love life was anything but ideal up until age 40, and how she turned it all around for herself by learning from past relationships. She shares how she met Benjamin, and why they were ready to become the guardians of each other’s souls. Now with a thriving business and many happy clients, Lisa is truly honored to be a love coach and can’t wait to share her story with you!

What You’ll Hear In This Episode:

  • How did Lisa’s upbringing shape her opinion of herself and the world around her? 
  • Lisa talks about the inner work she did on herself to be ready for the type of man that Benjamin is. 
  • Yes, if you are feeling insecure and co-dependent, there is hope and help for you. 
  • How do you know if working with a love coach is right for you? 
  • Lisa opens up about a marriage where she lost time, money, and her own self esteem, and the steps she took to find herself and rise up to become an even better woman than she imagined. 
  • What steps are you doing that may be pushing men away, where you may not even be realizing it? 
  • Stop taking everything personally! 
  • Are you hearing the same message over and over again? It may be time you listen to the feedback.

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  • “It’s taken years of personal growth work. I’ve worked with great mentors and teachers and I have been devoted and committed to learning how to become a woman who can love unconditionally.” – Lisa 
  • “With true love, kindness, and compassion, there’s no strategy. There’s no game and there’s no technique to get there.” – Lisa 
  • “If you’ve been hearing a particular message over and over and over again, it’s something you need to look at.” – Lisa 
  • “Life is a story we are telling ourselves. We’re making up all these agreements about the way life is, and we’re making all of these stories up.” – Lisa