Are You Ready for The Cold Harsh Truth About Why You Are Still Single?

Are You Ready for The Cold Harsh Truth About Why You Are Still Single?

Get ready for some tough love, Ladies! Lisa shares the TRUTH on why YOU are still SINGLE, how to tell if you have a wall up, and what qualities a man magnet has compared to an anxious dater. You’ll hear answers about what to do when you don’t live in a great dating pool, and how to move past the ghosts of prior dating experiences to radiate and call in love!

What You’ll Hear In This Episode:

  • What if you don’t live in a city or a place that seems to have a great big pool of available men?
  • The cold harsh truth –  if the men that you want to respond to you are not responding to you, then you still have work to do. Because they’re responding to someone. It’s just not you.
  • Are you a love magnet, or are you actually pushing love away?
  • If you want a happy future, you’ve got to let the stories about the past go, and not let other people’s bad behavior define who you are and how you show up.
  • The beauty of silence and the power of giving a man space and time to breathe.
  • What is one of the real reasons men date younger women?

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  • “The real reason you’re not finding quality men to date is because you still have work to do on yourself to attract the right man.”
  • “Everybody has ghosts that they are moving past.”
  • “Love is the most attractive force in the universe. So a loving, beautiful open hearted woman is going to attract love into her life. Love is magnetic.”