Are You Feeling Ambivalent About Finding Love?

Are You Feeling Ambivalent About Finding Love?

Lisa tackles a listener suggestion this week about how being ambivalent towards finding love may be holding you back. She first defines what exactly ambivalence is, and how it can show up in all aspects of your life: money, health, and certainly finding a partner. She runs down the reasons why women tend to prioritize other things instead of stopping to look seriously at what they really want- to find the Guardian of Their Soul. Lastly, she gives some simple, practical steps to move out of your ambivalence and into opening your heart to great connections with wonderful men!

What You’ll Hear In This Episode:

  • What does it mean to be ambivalent? 
  • Why do many women make everything else besides finding a partner a priority, when in actuality they deeply crave finding a partner. 
  • What’s so good about having a partner to go through life with anyway? 
  • How judging men and being closed off to connections with good men is really a sign you’re ambivalent.
  • How being afraid to receive can be a sign of ambivalence. 
  • The most extraordinary journey is to actually go out and consciously search for a partner.
  • Sex will only get you so far, you’re going to have to learn how to get Emotionally Naked. 
  • Is the fear of ending up in another horrible relationship holding you back? 
  • Why feeling unlovable is also at the root of many ambivalent feelings.

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  • “Children are wonderful… parents, friends, all of those things are beautiful. But there is something about finding love and true partnership that is extraordinary.” – Lisa 
  • “Stop over-giving and just sit still.” – Lisa 
  • “I think the greatest gift in life is having a loving partner to share it with you.” – Lisa 
  • “So many of us women have so many walls up. We judge men, and we’re hard on them, and we find something wrong with almost every man we meet, and it’s heartbreaking.” – Lisa