A Few Good Men: The Importance of Dating Multiple Guys At Once!

A Few Good Men: The Importance of Dating Multiple Guys At Once!

Lisa starts the episode appreciating the emotional maturity that comes with aging, and how having the ability to move forward without a bad moment or bad day ruining your whole week is so empowering and freeing. Then, she talks about why dating multiple men in the early and non-defined stage of dating is an incredibly good idea. She discusses the common objections and hesitations from women about dating multiple men when/if you need to let the other men know they aren’t the only one, and how to keep everyone on your roster straight!

What You’ll Hear In This Episode:

  • From The Four Agreements, not taking anything personally and not making assumptions are such powerful habits for dating. 
  • Why women find it so difficult to date multiple men at once in the early stages, and a reminder that you aren’t doing anything wrong if you haven’t had the exclusivity agreement yet. 
  • Do you need to tell all the guys you are dating that you are also seeing others? 
  • How to stay organized with the men you are dating and keep track of their details. 
  • What happens when we just jump in with the first person? 
  • Three main benefits of dating multiple men: it helps mitigate anxiety, prevents you from moving too quickly, and saves you precious time. 
  • When is it time to just date one man? 

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The Four Agreements 


  • “As you learn how to navigate the dating world and not take things personally, it is massively freeing.” 
  • “When women get anxious, one of the things we start to do is we don’t just overthink, but we also put up a lot of rules. We don’t just put up walls, but we actually start to have a lot of rules.” 
  • “If you’re out dating and you’re really trying to grow, and you’re not wanting to jump into anything with anyone and see what’s available to you, then you want to get out there.”  
  • “Dating multiple people prevents you from moving too quickly and putting too much pressure on the guy. 
  • “Basically, if he wants you to stop dating other men, then he’s got to commit to a relationship with you. He has to commit to not seeing other women and to dating only you, and then he has to be open to the idea of exploring a potential relationship.”