3 Ways to Help a Man Open Up to You

3 Ways to Help a Man Open Up to You

Have you ever been on a date (or in a relationship) and wanted the man to open up to you, but felt as though he wouldn’t? This week we share an audience fav, re-edited and remastered for your listening pleasure! You’ll hear Lisa and Benjamin sharing a few practical and easy techniques to get your man to get emotionally naked with you. Whether you are on a first date or years into a relationship, these simple suggestions will create a container for both you and a man to feel lighter, more connected, and joyful!

What You’ll Hear In This Episode:

– How to create vulnerability in the context of trust and safety, without sharing every detail of your life.

– Some specific examples of what you could share on a date that is vulnerable and will help a man feel closer to you while still leaving some room for subtlety.

– Instead of interviewing your date, we learn to receive and reciprocate.

– The art of playfulness takes away anxiety and brings a lighter mood to both you and your date.

– Humor creates an instant connection.

– Why insatiable curiosity is not only a turn on for men, but something they crave in their day to day life.

– Date isn’t asking a lot of questions? Don’t discard him yet!

– Two strangers can be genuinely curious about each other and have a magical evening and go their separate ways, so even if your date isn’t your soulmate, you can still learn something and practice these techniques.

– We remember how people make us feel, so make sure you are in the bell jar and present with who is in front of you.

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“It requires a certain confidence to be playful.” – Lisa

“Laughter washes away anxiety.” – Benjamin

“There is something magical about the art of presence and being in the moment.” – Lisa