The more I do the course the more issues come to the surface and I realize I have so much work to do. Thank God I found you, Lisa, and this group of amazing people who are all on the same journey. I’m feeling more hopeful about dating!
— Sabrina G.
I have to say, I miss your course and all the amazing advice you give! Lisa, I would like to thank you for your time and patience you have forever changed my life. I’m a new and improved women who commits to each project and won’t give up when things become challenging.
— Ellie K.
Until you pointed it out, I never realized I had put my love life on pause since age 16. I knew if you could get to that in 30 minutes, you were worth every penny! I’ve talked to counselors and psychologists and we never got to the bottom of it. That one realization showed me that I was in serious need of help. Thank you!
— Crystal L.
I continue to watch all your videos, simply wonderful! With each one, I walk away with a new insight! I have already felt a great shift in my energy and my ambivalence is replaced with a positive belief that he is out there!
— Barb R.