Now it is Time to Get Resourceful!

“Your greatness is only limited by the investments you make in YOURSELF.” - Grant Cardone


Your Spot in my Emotionally Naked Dating Course is Waiting for You!

Here is a list of creative ideas and financing options that our clients have used to change their lives with Emotionally Naked Dating:

  • Credit or debit cards - Here is a great credit card with $150 back: American Express Blue Cash Everyday Card

  • Combination of credit or debit cards (we have had clients use 4 different credit cards to enroll)

  • Emergency credit cards (you know, the one hidden in your underwear drawer)

  • Savings account

  • IRAs or Retirement accounts

  • PayPal balance (I know I find money in there all of the time that I didn’t realize I had)

  • PayPal credit

  • Credit

  • Nerd





  • Having friends and family invest in you (several of our clients have gone this route…and I really mean invest. Pay them back with interest. Few people can refuse 10% interest as a return on investment)

  • Going online to apply for low intro rate credit cards; searching “Easy to get credit cards bad credit”

  • Crowdfunding

  • Tapping into an unused home equity line of credit

  • Selling off useless/old things on eBay or Craigslist (clients have sold jewelry, engagement rings, horse trailers…you name it!)

  • Collecting debt from family, friends

  • Throw a fundraiser! Have friends donate art/ crafts/ things they are ready to part with and have a fundraiser. Better yet, make it an auction!

  • Article from June 2017 – Easiest Credit Cards To Get

A New Life Awaits You!