Hi.  I’m Lisa Shield.  Welcome to my Naked Dating® Blog where I will show you how to get everything you want in a relationship and more by keeping your clothes on and taking your emotional armor off.

Most people think that true love is a matter of chance, but I’ve seen over and over again that we can have anything we want in a relationship by learning to become vulnerable and open our hearts to let the right person in.  I did it, my clients have done it, and you can, too!


I have successfully coached hundreds of singles through this process.  And, it wasn’t long ago that I was dating.  Trust me.  I know how hopeless it feels to go out on an endless stream of dead end dates wondering, “Why am I doing this to myself?”  And asking, “Is this really going to work?”

Dating doesn’t come easily to most of my clients and it certainly wasn’t a cake walk for me.  I am no man magnet.  In fact, I used to be painfully shy around men.  What’s worse, I live in Los Angeles, CA where the competition is fierce.  There are more beautiful, perfect people per square inch here than anywhere else on the planet.

Despite how hard it is to date in LA, I know now that the real reason I was single was because I had a closed heart.  I was teased as a child and, as a result, I had become defensive and didn’t know how to trust others.  Afraid that I might wind up alone, I married the first man who paid attention to me.  Then I spent most of our marriage trying to hide my fears and insecurities.  I was so afraid that he would leave me that I didn’t realize he was a pathological liar.

Eventually, it became clear that neither one of us had clue about how to have a real relationship.  When the marriage ended, I was left with a lot of questions.  Why did I attract this man?  What was I supposed to learn from our relationship?  What is real love?  Does it exist?  Can two people love each other forever?  Is this something I could have?  If so, how would I go about getting it?  These are just some of the many questions about dating, relationships, and love that I will explore in this blog.

Figuring out how to get through my insecurities and blocks to let a good man into my heart was one of the most challenging things I have ever done.  It took me two years and nearly 100 first dates but I finally met the love of my life.  Maybe you’ve dated more, maybe you’ve dated less, or maybe you haven’t dated at all.  It doesn’t matter.  You haven’t dated naked.  I will show you how.  Stay tuned because I hope to revolutionize the way you look at dating and relationships.  Together we will explore what it takes to create a deep, soul-satisfying, romantic connection that can last a lifetime.  This is Naked Dating®.

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