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Hello and Welcome to Naked Dating® with Lisa Shield.
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  • The Most Attractive Quality a Woman Can Have

      The Most Attractive Quality a Woman Can Have Do know what is…

  • The Confident Woman Interview Series

    Ever wonder why you still haven’t found your soul mate? Everyone tells you it’s because you lack self-love. But what if there is another even more important quality that you need to have? Tune into my latest online interview with the fabulous Jeannine Addonisio to find out how to become a Confident Woman!

  • Listen to the Best Interview I’ve Ever Done!

    Susan is also interviewing over 20 other accomplished relationship and love Experts. And she’s putting it all together in a FREE online event called Manifesting Love Again- How to get back into your groove and finally find the love of your life. I am thrilled to be a part of it!

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