“You’ve Got the Cutest Little Babycakes”

This morning I was singing, “You’ve got the Cutest Little Babycakes” to Milo (my Shar-pei) and I wondered, “What are babycakes, anyway?”  Thanks to the modern miracle of Google, I found out. The Online Slang Dictionary had two definitions:

  • Affectionate form of address for a loved one, especially a romantic loved one.
  • The contents of a soiled diaper—I get it, but this was not what I was looking for :-)


I decided to keep searching. The Urban Dictionary was more helpful. They had over 300 definitions for the word babycakes. The closest thing I found to what I was looking for was that babycakes is a term of endearment akin to sweetcheeks. Someone else, who might have taken it a bit literally said, “a small cake that is extremely cute.  Almost too cute to eat.”  While I couldn’t read all 300 and something definitions, I’d like to share my favorite:


Babycakes: an affectionate term for a girlfriend who is awesome beyond measure.

            “Oh hey, babycakes. Why are you made of awesomesauce??”


If this is what it means, I need to ask my husband to start referring to me as Babycakes! I want to be made of awesomesauce!


After I finished writing this, I went back and Googled “who wrote the song ‘You’ve Got the Cutest Little Babycakes,’” and the joke’s on me! Here’s what I found:



Question: What is the song with the words Baby Cakes you Love your little Baby Cakes?


It’s not baby CAKES, it’s baby FACE. :-)

Baby Face, you’ve got the cutest little baby face

There’s not another one could take your place,

Baby face.

My poor heart is jumpin’

You sure have started somethin’.

Baby face, I’m up in heaven when I’m in your fond embrace

I didn’t need a shove cause I just fell in love

With your pretty baby face.


“Baby Face” was written by: Ian Shuttleworth, Mark Yates, Anthony Wright, Leigh Marklew, Harry Akst, Benny Davies


Many people have recorded it including Julie Andrews, Al Jolson, Little Richard, Bobby Darrin, etc.

What do you call your loved ones?  Share and comment below and I will personally respond to you! 

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