July, 2012

Want A Relationship? Why You Shouldn’t Have Casual Sex [EXPERT]


It doesn’t take a scientist to know that the overwhelming majority of women can’t have a hot, casual, sexual relationship with a man and not get hooked in. It simply doesn’t work.

Without fail, every one of my clients who says that she is just going to have a casual, sexual relationship with a guy until the right one comes along, gets attached and hurt in the end. For women, sex is both an emotional and a physical experience, so most eventually wind up having feelings for the guy and hoping that he will fall in love with them. 4 Reasons Why Women Should Masturbate More Often [EXPERT]

For men, sex can be purely physical. I am not saying that men can never connect the physical and the emotional when it comes to sex, but unlike women, they can separate the emotional and physical, allowing them to have recreational sex without getting attached.

What further complicates matters is that men and women don’t seem to understand each other. Women get angry with men for remaining emotionless and unattached, and men get angry with women for developing feelings for them when read more

Will you be disappointed if he doesn't call?

Playful Internet Dating Banter

Playful Internet Dating Banter

Here are a couple of very funny email interactions from my best friend, Chloe, to two different men she was communicating with online. (If you haven’t read it already, I suggest reading her very funny profile in my posting from June 27th before proceeding.) Notice that her emails are mostly one-liners, she doesn’t pull any punches, and she isn’t afraid to get into a little sexual innuendo. Chloe is the ultimate Naked Dater! Hope you enjoy these as much as I did!

CACowboy2013 Profile (this is all he wrote):

I’m a very honest and upfront person. I am very outgoing, and I enjoy the outdoors. I work hard and I like to play hard. I like making people laugh and I’m very close with my family, and spoil my niece rotten…

Email interaction:

CACowboy:  We seem to have some things in common. Let me know if I pas the eye test…

beautifulparty:  You pass :-) What next?

CACowboy: Well, we can do the e-mail thing (not very personal) or we can chat on the phone, or if you are really daring we can go crazy and meet at Starbucks…

beautifulparty:  I pick Starbucks, what area do you live in?

CACowboy:  Woodland Hills.  We can meet in the middle.

beautifulparty:  Really? You don’t’ think I am worth a drive to Studio City 😉

CACowboy: Thought I was N. Hollywood. For sure you are worth it. What’s ur schedule tomorrow afternoon around 2:30?

 dannyboy4 Profile (excerpt):

I was dreaming when I wrote this, forgive me if it goes astray… I’m fun as heck to be around. I have a nose. I love gourmet food and skydiving, but not at the same time. I enjoy pretending to be sick and sneezing on people in public. Sometimes I’ll stay home and watch TV or read, other times I’ll go to a club and shake my “money maker” until 5am then go to a diner for flapjacks.(I love to call ’em flapjacks)It just depends on what phase of the moon we’re in. I know you can picture yourself having a blast with me. …

Email Interaction:

dannyboy4:  You were born in the nude, too? Let me find out if you have a nose and we’re off to Santorini!

beautifulparty:  Did you look at my pictures? What more proof do you need that I have a nose because I want my trip to Santorini!

dannyboy4:  Lots of ladies in LA get silicone noses. I know a doc who does them very real.

beautifulparty:  My nose IS the real deal; I might even let you touch it.

dannyboy4:  I give great nose.

beautifulparty: I’ll be the judge of that :-)

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As a dating coach, all daylong I sit and listen to my clients moan about how much they hate dating. Welcome to the club. Sure, dating isn’t the most fun thing to do in life, but if you want to have an extraordinary, passionate, lasting romantic relationship in today’s world, you are going to have get over your big bad self and get out there and date to find one.

Naked Dating—my unique approaching to finding true love with nothing to hide—will show you how to use the dating process to attract an amazing romantic partnership that can last a lifetime. You will learn how to make every date count, even the bad ones. Naked Dating shows you how to go out on dates and practice opening your heart and letting down you walls so that, when the right person shows up, you’ll be ready.

Most people who come to me for dating coaching feel that they are ready to meet The One.  What I am about to say might be hard to hear, but if you really want a partner and don’t already have one, there is a good chance you aren’t emotionally ready to meet The One.  You might think you are, but you’re probably not. If you were ready, you would have already met someone. Before you go getting all upset with me, read on.

Love is everywhere, all around us, all the time, and it is available to everyone. If you have not found the partner of your dreams it is not because he or she isn’t out there.  You might not have found someone because, at some level, you still don’t feel that you deserve to be loved. This belief is causing you to push love away. When you truly feel deserving of love, you will draw it to you naturally and effortlessly.

The reason you need to learn how date and get emotionally naked is because this is the best way to uncover what’s in the way.  You need to clear a path for this person to come in. The universe rewards action, not thought. We create what we focus our attention on. Sitting around hoping this situation will work itself out is risky. If you take this approach, you might be gambling away your chance to have the greatest prize life has to offer: Unconditional Love.

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File:Bride getting dressed.jpgSince the beginning of time, women have been apperceived through the distorting lens of society. The global society is witnessing significant alterations of social attitudes and institutional regulations when it comes to the topic of sexuality. When it comes to the debate that addresses whether women or men are more promiscuous and have more hidden lovers in general, there have been stereotypical misconceptions. The history of sexuality of women and men has remained somewhat “terra incognito”. However, recently, numerous statistical and analytical studies have been carried out to determine once and for all if women are more promiscuous and libertine than their opposite gender or vice versa.

According to the 2012 Automatic Number Identification (ANI), women have 2.3 hidden lovers on an average basis compared to the1.8 hidden lovers of men. We can conclude from this data that women are more promiscuous and libertine than their opposite genders. According to the UK Adultery Survey 2012 which analyzed the behavioral patterns of 4000 promiscuous people, they have found the troubling trend that once women decide to be embroiled in this immoral path they are far more likely to carry on the cat and mouse game that we call love. You might find yourselves wondering, what are the psychological reasons behind this? Men and women have different reasons for their promiscuity. According to men, monotonous life after marriage propels them to pursue sexual excitement and boost their dwindling egos. On the other hand, women seek to embark on new romances to fulfill their emotional needs and boost their self-esteem. The survey also revealed that married women are quicker to break their wedding vows and stray from their husbands.

Promiscuous married women are often condemned by society though their counterparts are not subjected to similar standards. In this respect, the non-equalitarian sexual status is still being upheld by society.




I wrote this profile for a client about a year ago.  What’s interesting is that I really loved it but she didn’t use it.  I don’t know for certain why, but I think it described her to a tee and it might have felt too revealing for her at the time. When we spoke tonight, she told me that she was back on and asked if I still had the profile.  This time she loved it and said that she’s ready to put it up.

I used to be a tomboy.  Growing up in Guyana, I only played with boys.  I was tanned, skinny, and undisciplined.  Watch out because I’m still a feisty little tiger, and I still like to play with the boys.  I guess nothing much has changed.  I’m lively and I’m very fun to be around.  I’ll try almost anything.  I am an action sports kind of girl—I love everything from jet skiing to horseback riding.  As fun and silly as I can be, I also love more intellectual pursuits—reading, learning about other people’s cultures, discussing current events and world history, or rambling on about a variety of crazy topics.

You will find that I am loyal, loving, and affectionate.  I will be there for you through thick and thin.  I like helping out and caring for those I love.  When you have a personality like that and you are with someone who is the same, the possibilities are endless.  If I could meet someone that devoted and caring, I wouldn’t trade him for the world.  I would stand by him and work with him to get things done.

Okay.  Brace yourself.  Here are ten more adjectives that describe me:  out-going, playful, provocative, spontaneous, go-getter, ambitious, determined, passionate, never-a-dull-moment, unpredictable, and mischievous.  I am not the kind of person who pushes things under the carpet.  I want to know why are you pushing it there?  How long do you intend to leave it there?  Maybe it doesn’t need to be there?  I want answers.  I have to know.  I am an old soul with old-fashioned values, but I am also extremely playful.  I am the kind of woman who will say what I have to say, be supportive, and go for what I want and, at the same time, I can be soft and sensual and nurturing.  Like I said, I am a feisty tiger but, in the right hands, I can be as soft and vulnerable and a kitten.

I want to meet a man I can have fun with, someone who has a great sense of humor and loves to laugh and play.  It will be great if you are wise.  Open-mindedness and intelligence are also good qualities.  I love men who are willing to try new things, travel to new places, and try new kinds of cuisine.  Other things I admire are men who are good communicators, family-orientated, and honest.  Did I mention that I love romance?  But then again, who doesn’t?  You don’t have to be a millionaire, but it is important that you have a career you love and a good relationship with money.  I’m giving and I would love to meet someone who is giving, as well.  And even though I will probably give you hell sometimes, I hope you won’t want to change me.  If we argue, grab me, kiss me passionately, and I promise you that I will shut up.

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