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"People are lonely because
they build walls instead of

- Joseph F. Newton

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Los Angeles is widely rumored to be one of the hardest places to date. The good news is it doesn’t have to be. Not if you have the right person to guide you through the process. LA does present a unique set of dating challenges, but people fall in love here and get married all the time. Hiring me as your dating coach in Los Angeles could make all the difference. My unique approach—called Naked Dating® —will show you how to rise above the stereotypical LA games and find someone who is real and ready for a relationship. Sign up for a free half-hour sample coaching session and learn how to date naked in the City of Angels.

So why do you need a Los Angeles Dating Coach?

It isn’t your imagination. Dating in Los Angeles is notoriously difficult. Here are just a few of the reasons why:

    1. The enormous size of Los Angeles coupled with some of the worst traffic in the world makes it challenging for people to connect. You know that cute girl with the big brown eyes you couldn't stop talking to all night at the bar a block from your Santa Monica apartment? Well, she lives 20-miles away in Los Felix. Everyone who lives in LA knows that a 20-mile distance in LA translates to at least 45 minutes with traffic—and that’s just one-way. So, unless you’re highly motivated, the chances of the two of you ever braving LA traffic to meet up again for a date are slim to none. Even when two well-intentioned people do manage to set up a date, there’s a good chance of one them will arrive late or flake out altogether. Which leads us leads to the second problem:

    2. People in Los Angeles are flakey. If we were talking about pastries, this would be a good thing, but when we’re talking about dating, it’s not. The problem is that, in LA, people live in their cars and often having to drive an hour or more to and from work each day. Even on the weekends, the roads are jammed. Although your heart is saying, “You really should go meet that cute guy from for a drink,” once you’re home from work, your head tells you that the last thing you want to do is get back in your car and drive somewhere. Guess which part of you wins?

    3. Dating people in the film industry isn’t all it’s cracked up to be. Tinseltown is overflowing with people in the industry, many of whom have unstable careers. This might mean that they have uncertain finances, erratic schedules, and fragile egos from withstanding all that rejection. A lot of people who come here fail to “make it” in the industry and wind up leaving. This means that the cute actor you fell in love with a few months ago might blow town and take your heart with him. It might seem exciting to date an actor or a producer, but most non-industry people who have been down this road already know that it is littered with broken hearts.

    4. There’s a lack of a pedestrian culture in LA. In 1982, a group called Missing Persons wrote a song. The chorus of that song, “Nobody walks in LA,” became a kind of motto for our city. They weren’t kidding. If you go to cities like New York or Boston, you’re likely to bump into friends and head for an impromptu drink, but not in LA. Here your friends are either stuck in traffic or they live on the other side of town. The lack of a pedestrian culture in LA means that there are fewer opportunities for casual contact in general. So, you know that fantasy that you will just randomly run into your soul mate while you are out and about, doing your thing? In LA, your future soul mate is probably stuck in traffic, or just flakey, or out having a pastry with someone who lives closer to home.

    5. Los Angelinos can be superficial. Because we live in Hollywood, there is a disproportionate amount of pressure here to be young, thin, rich, and beautiful. The competition is steep on both sides. There are lots of men with money and lots of women with Botox and boob jobs. It’s easy for singles to feel competitive and insecure when there are so many young, beautiful people everywhere you look. It’s hard not to get pulled into thinking that this is what it takes to attract the right partner. In LA, a person who would be considered a ten in any other city might be an eight or a seven here. It can feel rough if you’re not one of the rich and beautiful people.

What I can do for you as your dating coach:

As your dating coach, I will help you stay positive so that you can avoid getting dragged down by all the fear and negativity that a city like Los Angeles can breed. I will sing your praises and keep reminding you of everything you have to offer a partner. If you want me to, I will write your profile and take photos of you for your website. Together we will go online and I will point out the people who are and are not ready for relationship. I will show you how to write emails that get responses, and I will show you how to circumnavigate all the LA games and get straight to a date. Couple in Los Angeles When you meet someone you really like, I will give you tips on how to capture his or her attention and take the relationship to the next level. Most of all, I will show you how to date in LA from a Naked Dating® perspective. While it’s true that Los Angeles is a huge city with a unique and challenging dating scene, it is absolutely possible to find romance and make the city work to your advantage to find the love you know you deserve. Let me show you how. Book your coaching session today.


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